Power Sector

Cardiff Steel Erection Ltd can undertake all sizes of power station projects in the steel erecting and structural steelwork industry. We offer the complete erecting service package combining steel erection with all precast floor, wall, and stair installation works.

Recent Projects

  • Bucks EFW

    • Location:  Aylesbury
    • Client:  Caunton Engineering
    • Main:  McAlpines/Hitachi
    • Tonnage:  2100 tonnes
    Scope of Work: Erection of envelope steel work over previously installed Boiler,Waste building,Flue Gas Structure and tipping hall. This involved erection of Boiler Hall Roof trusses at 50m level with all erection being carried out from Man Baskets. ACC structrure roof was assembled on the floor and cladded prior to lifting.

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  • Drax Eco Store

    • Location:  North Yorkshire
    • Client:  William Hare
    • Main:  Shepherds
    • Tonnage:  3,000 tonnes
    Scope of Work: Preassembly and erection upto 70m level of conveyors.Erection of rail structure, fuel storage buildings and head houses all at the UKs largest power station. This included stair towers upto 60m in height, platform steel over 320000 sqm of open steel flooring and 2 miles of handrailing.

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  • Kent Renewable Energy

    • Location:  Sandwich Kent
    • Client:  Caunton Engineering
    • Main:  BWSC
    • Tonnage:  900 tonnes
    Scope of Work: Erection of boiler structure in 3 phases including using 4 large cranes to erect the roof in modules with all access being from man baskets. Turbine Hall, Wood chip storage building, electrical building and pipe racks.

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  • Margam Biomass

    • Location:  Margam/PortTalbot
    • Client:  Shufflebottoms
    • Main:  B+V Volund
    • Tonnage:  900 tonnes
    Scope of Work: Erection of several buildings in and aaround biomass plant. Woodchip Building sitting ontop of 20 concrete Bunker, Storage and electrical buildings. Erection of stairs, platforms and handrailing

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  • Parc Adfer Waste to Energy

    • Location:  Deeside
    • Client:  TCS Belgium
    • Main:  CNIM
    • Tonnage:  1100 tonnes
    Scope of Work: Boiler structure for waste to energy plany, included modulating steel work on floor to minimise work at 50m level. Heavy boiler beams, open steel flooring, handrailing and stairs.Challenging job working with and around boiler and other plant.

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  • Pembroke Power Station

    • Location:  Pembroke
    • Client:  William Hare Ltd
    • Main:  Alston Power
    • Tonnage:  5000 tonnes +
    Erection of turbine halls, feedwater towers, electrical building, cooling towers and all internal platforms, stairs and handrails.

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  • Severnside Energy Recovery

    • Location:  Avonmouth
    • Client:  William Hare
    • Main:  McAlpines/Hitachi
    • Tonnage:  1500 tonnes
    Scope of Work: Erection of envelope steel covering Waste Bunker, Tipping Hall, Boiler Structure, Flue Gas and Turbine Hall. This involved assembling as much steel as possible to be erected as modules, this included pairs of trusses with cladding rails and purlins all assembled weighing 50tns and being lifted to a height of over 50m with 500tn mobiles cranes. All bunker steel was was connected to fin plates welded by CSE to a 30m high concrete core.

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  • Uskmouth Power Station

    • Location: Uskmouth Nash Newport
    • Client: Polimex
    • Main: Siemens Power
    • Tonnage: 900 Tonnne
    Erection of turbine hall , feedwater, piperacks and internal platforms , flooring, stairs and handrailing

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