Multi Story Car Parks

Recent Projects

  • Birmingham New Station Car Park

    • Location:  Birmingham Airport
    • Client:  Siac Tetbury Steel
    • Main:  Osbourn
    • Tonnage:  1000 Tonne
    Scope of Work: Erection of new multi storey car park consisting of 5 floors along main railway line. 6 floors of precast slabs and full height precast stairs.

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  • Cambridge Science Park

    • Location:  Cambridge
    • Client:  Bourne Parking
    • Main:  SDC
    • Tonnage:  800tns
    Scope of Work: MSCP with 5 split decks, Montex floor pannels, 2 concrete stair/lift cores, crash barriers and cladding panels.

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  • Gatwick Overdeck

    • Location:  Gatwick Airport London
    • Client:  Bourne Parking
    • Main:  Galliford Try
    • Tonnage:  1500 Tonne - 27,000sqm Precast
    Scope of Work: One of Bourn Parking largest and fastest built single deck car parks. Utilising 4 crawler cranes which were restricted to between 13 and 17 m max jib lengths this project had a challenging program of 9 weeks.

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  • High Wycombe MSCPC

    • Location:  High Wycombe
    • Client:  SIAC Tetbury Steel
    • Main:  Buckingham Group
    • Tonnage:  500 Tonne
    Scope of Work: To erect 500t of main steel for new station car park which included the erection of 7500 sq/m of precast flooring over 3 floors.

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  • MSCP Canterbury

    • Location:  Canterbury City Center
    • Client:  Bourne Parking
    • Main:  Willmot Dixon
    • Tonnage:  450 Tonne
    Scope of Work: Tight city center job with restricted access and working platform, also working alongside busy live rail track, a tight program with incorporated 450tns steel 3 split decks with Montex floor panels, integrated crash barriers, 2 precast concrete lift/stair cores and secondary fitting of cladding rails.

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